New Movie: “The Social Dilemma”

Mark Weinstein New Movie: "The Social Dilemma" 📽Exposes Mass Manipulation by Social Media Giants 🤯 Friends and Members, An important documentary film called "The Social Dilemma" was just released on Netflix. The movie features ex-employees from Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc., who tell the truth about shocking and deceptive practices done to their users. 👀 These giants spy on us … Continue reading New Movie: “The Social Dilemma”

“The Privacy Revolution”

Mark Weinstein  MeWe Admin My TEDx Talk: "The Privacy Revolution" 🚀Preserving Free Expression and Democracy Worldwide! Friends and Members, As MeWe's CEO, it is my responsibility together with you, to show the world that social media with No Ads, No Voter Manipulation, No Targeting, No Political Bias, and NO BS, is social done right. Thank goodness … Continue reading “The Privacy Revolution”

New Polls: People Demand Data Privacy & Freedom of Speech

Mark Weinstein  MeWe Admin Hi Members and Friends, A new poll by Axios shows that a vast majority of people want more control of their data and privacy: 🔏 ✅ 93% of Americans would switch to a company that prioritizes their data privacy✅ 88% are frustrated that they don’t have more control over their data A new poll by … Continue reading New Polls: People Demand Data Privacy & Freedom of Speech

$500 Billion Lawsuit

Mark Weinstein Admin Instagram Could Face Up to $500 Billion in Lawsuit for Illegally Harvesting Facial Recognition Data 😱 Hi Everyone, Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) has just been accused of illegally harvesting people's facial recognition data without their knowledge or consent in a new class-action lawsuit. Yikes!  Just like FB, Instagram has a face-tagging feature that uses … Continue reading $500 Billion Lawsuit